The Globale Industries Residential charging station allows you to charge an electric vehicle (EV) faster thanks to its 7.2 kW (32 A to 240 VAC) power. It is compatible with all vehicles that have an SAE J1772 charging port. It recharges 5 times faster than a standard 120V outlet. Be sure to leave the house with a fully loaded vehicle every morning.


    EV Charger

    Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the Globale industries residential terminal operates at -40 ° C and +40 ° C, its cable will remain flexible, even in very cold weather. The Globale Industries Residential charging station is equipped with safety mechanisms that protect your vehicle from fluctuations in the power grid. The compact and durable design of Global Residential Industries Station can withstand almost any environment while taking up minimal space. Inside and outside, Globale Industries Residential is versatile, reliable and efficient.
    LCD Display
    Shows exact charging status on screen when working
    Intelligent Chip
    Repairs common charging faults automatically
    High compatibility
    Fits all electric cars around the world
    For electric vehicles
    This product can only be used for charging electric vehicles
    Unique waterproof design up to IP67, ensure it can work normally at any place
    Safety protection
    This product has passed all the tests of TUV and has complete safety protection measures